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the most common question emerging from our inner child ... 

Curiosity is our birth right

Evolution is our natural path

The origins ...

..... Energy Body concepts ... 

Codes that were given to us

Infinite options ...

Responsibility to grow the seeds we have been given - by the universal laws of eternal change

Free Expression

New angles & views 

Multi Links

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Yoga (dhyana veerasana) - Celtic Life Symbol

At the times of a transition into a corporate world I started experiencing health imbalances, and that was when my views on life started to reshape.


My intuitive call was to design the healing program that suited my beliefs and character.   

A bit of a surprise, but there I was, an engineer yet researching a new field and making choices on alternative healing options such as Acupuncture and Yoga. I was building my new library, bying books I didn't know existed and reading texts full of terminology that was new but felt so familiar. Dedication and time investment helped restore hormonal balance in the most beautiful way. My daughter was then born in the most enjoyable and natural way, the one I never heard any other women spoke of before, although some readings were suggesting that as a possibility!  


Since that moment I am passionate about exploring ways to help others break through the life challenges by learning about who we really are ... Beings of Infinite Potentials.

By embracing challenges we create so much

space for the knowledge growth! 

Little signs by the road ...

Jovanka Mirkovic

When I made this drawing of my hand, on a May morning, around 4am, and after finishing the overnight studies for my exams ... it was not obvious where it all suddenly came from. Looking back from this perspective when Energy Medicine work is part of my life it all makes much more sense. 

I love how the intuition gives us signs on our life path!

Combining Engineering and  Energy Medicine work feels very natural to me. 

The ideas of structure, integrity, boundaries, strength and logic are present in both fields. If we think of anything we do through our lives, it is a beautiful energy work! 


  • Dipl. Ing., PhD Aerospace

  • Yoga Teacher Induction Training

  • EEM Certified Practitioner

  • Member of the Kinesiology Federation

Jovanka Mirkovic
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