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Personal story of FINDING YOGA

Finding Yoga was a real journey for me. I am sharing my story in hope that it will bring demystification of some of the Yoga layers. 

Meeting Yoga face to face for the first time, in a class at the local gym, was the least expected experience for me. For the whole life I was used to variety of sports and was always physically active. Here suddenly the physical aspect of the practice seemed quite easy, but there was something else I just wasn't ready for. I simply got scared and after few sessions ran away.

But the journey continued, this time through discovering a Bodybalance class and what looked like entering Yoga world through the side door. How easy flowing and relaxing this experience was! A combination of TaiChi, Yoga and Pilates practices enveloped by the heart opening music tracks. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers started to open up. The forward fold was suddenly not about hugging the feet but rather greeting all of the emotions that were waiting patiently around the belly area. I have later come across so many feedbacks on the Bodybalance class that was being perceived as a such a positive setting. 

Baby swimming

The Bodybalance experience appeared to be the best possible preparation for finally meeting Yoga. When I got pregnant with my daughter a 45min daily Yoga routine settled into my life. I was following books and DVDs. Combined with the Bodybalance class, good diet and listening to meditation tracks this was a perfect and complete practice. You know it when the midwife is giving you 10% chances to naturally deliver a baby that is in a twisted position, and the experience turns out to be the most beautiful dream! 


Such a profound experience was the evidence of how

the combination of our beliefs and work

can lead to a manifestation of a perfection.


Yoga is not only fashion

Yoga can be a beautiful platform for Kids & Parents team work

Yoga is for all times and places

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