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EDEN Energy Medicine

& Biomagnetism Sessions

with Jovanka Mirkovic

This section provides some insight into the EEM sessions flow.
Please be free to get in touch if you feel you need more information.

EEM sessions are currently available at in Бelgrade (Serbia).

Please note:

  • Additional 15min “online / phone“ support is available “in between / as a follow up” to the standard sessions. This allows us to keep the flow and also tweak any areas as they may be appearing through out the process.


  • There is no minimum / maximum sessions specified ahead. Sessions frequency and length is tailored based on the clients feedback and interests. Example: We may be meeting on a ‘weekly’ or ‘2 weeks basis’. Timing will not affect the results as long there is a dedication on the clients side to keep up with the home care work. 

Confirmation of the Certified Practitioner status and other details are available via Find Therapy page

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