Be Designers of Your Perfect Health!


As we are!

Enjoying the roles on the Life Stage

and perfecting them is fun!


The place of balance

and peace

that we all deserve!


Creativity is our nature.

Use it to design the existence of the World!

How often do you allow your body and mind to stretch and recover from the daily routine?


YOGA section contains a personal story of Finding Yoga.


Here you will find information about what Yoga is and various options that can encourage  you to take a step towards it! 

It is part of us, 

and we are part of it,

that is why we love Energy!

Eden Energy Medicine provides the complete set of natural tools we can use to enhance the quality of our health and raise the vibration of the planet.

Whether you are interested in Personal work


Work with the EEM practitioner


section is a good place to start! 



A message from the founder

Perfect Health Design was born out of optimism and passion for experimenting, learning, playing and discovering new shortcut solutions. We are free to choose and bring the transformation to every moment of our lives. The decision is ours. 

Stay Lovingly Empowered on Your Life Journey!




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