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Eden Energy Medicine

Greatest reward is seeing sparkles in the eyes of a person who has just discovered something new about themselves and Our World!

With Eden Medicine We Learn and Evolve Together!

What is "Energy Medicine"?

  Energy Medicine is the most natural way of promoting wellbeing

  It works at the level of our Physical and Energy Bodies


Energy Medicine Basic Principles


Moving from ...




To ...

YIN-YANG Balance

All forms of Energy Medicine have got the common side:

Helping us work towards the Unity of Body-Mind-Soul so that we can experience the lightness of being.

Some of the widely practiced forms of Energy Medicine are Acupuncture, Yoga, Reiki, TaiChi ...

Most important, we should appreciate that Energy Medicine also comes in the form of our many simple daily activities ( Cooking, Gardening, Singing) that we can feel are bringing rejuvenation and balance ... So we are all Energy Medicine practitioners of a kind! 

What is "EDEN Energy Medicine"?

  • EDEN Energy Medicine is the Integrated Approach that combines ancient healing techniques in a new way!

  • It is a Holistic way of working across Nine Interlinked Energy Systems that form our Energy Body: Aura, Meridians, Chakras, Celtic Weave, 5-Rhythms, Triple Warmer, Radiant Circuits, Electrics, Grid

  • Energy flow can be assessed by the use of Kinesiology approach. 

  • EDEN Energy Medicine is a powerful way of supporting our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual wellbeing. 

What attracted me to Eden Medicine?


I love the uniqueness in supporting various energy systems to work together. By practicing Eden Medicine I am experiencing the reunion of the knowledge and wisdom that has already been manifested through the old civilisations that were here before us.  


EEM is a beautiful platform for learning, sharing and growth! We get to feel the infinity and magnifisense of each segment of our existence. 


The number of various healing techniques provides flexibility in work with all ages and health conditions!


The self-care area of EEM is at the top of the list, and that means a continuous learning path which is a key in our evolution.


Who it is for

As a practice that is highly adjustable to individual circumstances and needs, EEM practice is suitable for

All ages

All health condition 

All places (home, office, outdoors)

How can we benefit from EEM?

Following are example areas that we can work at towards improving our physical & emotional health: 

increase and stabilise the energy levels

improve quality of sleep

regulate hormones

reduce aches and pains

regulate stress response

balance the emotional response 

increase clarity and focus

strengthen the areas of sensitivities  

straighten the boundaries

regulate cravings, habits, attachments 

improve overal vitality

move from passive to active place in life

become in charge of our own life

Interested in learning more about EEM ?

Practitioner assisted practice (EEM session)

EDEN Energy Medicine session (EEM) is a way of Initiating and Supporting the Healing process. Our bodies are highly inteligent but sometimes we get into repetition of patterns that result in energy stagnation and various side effects. 

The main focus of the EEM session is:

creating space for the energy to move.

- helping to establish & improve communication across various energy systems that form our energy body

Energy flow is assessed by the use of Kinesiology approach. This is a fantastic way of connecting with the body's inner wisdom through the use of isolated muscle based testing technique.


Being able to retrieve the invaluable information in the given moment allows for the session to be tailored individually, based on the personal circumstances and needs.

Techniques used are gentle and consist of various forms of light or deeper touch, as well as work in the field.  There is no pain involved, and any discomfort that may accompany the energy shifts is being addressed on the spot.

EEM session is a highly interactive experience and clients are invited to: 

- provide the feedback throughout the session

- support the healing process by practicing a suitable combination of homecare energy exercises

                      Personal Practice                   

Enjoy learning EEM in your own time!

EEM personal practice is a beautiful way of getting in touch with the inner wisdom and learning about your own potentials! The original form of each exercise can always be adjusted to suit individual needs and circumstances. You may wish to start from Daily EEM Practice ....



EEM Sessions


 Online support

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Donna Eden, Founder of

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