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30th Nov - 3rd Dec 2018

For Retreat description see below.
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Come and join us at lovely Lower Marsh farm for a long weekend of beautiful practices, delicious vegetarian/vegan food and great company!


This Retreat/Workshop is foremost for you to relax, recharge, reconnect and have fun. We are looking forward to be working together with you on opening up a whole new world of energy! We believe that working with our own energy, and being owners of our own health and happiness, is everyone’s birthright.


What you can expect:

~ A beautiful blend of healing practices including: Yoga, QiGong, Eden Energy Medicine, mantra (sound), pranayama (breath techniques) and meditation.

~ You will learn about different energy systems that are key to our wellbeing, including the Five Elements that we will be discovering through the lens of the Autumn-Winter season (Elements of Metal and Water).

~ We will be sharing with you simple techniques to use on yourself, your family and your friends. You will also receive handouts so that you can continue practicing in your own time.

You will also receive handouts so that you can continue practicing in your own time.


Our goal is for you to leave the Retreat feeling grounded, refreshed and also empowered with new knowledge and techniques to keep you balanced and help you thrive!


This Retreat is suitable for everyone, no previous experience or knowledge necessary! 

"As daily life pulls us further from our natural rhythms, Energy Medicine reminds of us who we are and reconnects us with our deepest nature."

Donna Eden

A little bit about Yin Season Elements:
Autumn Yoga Retreat



Autumn is the season associated to a Metal Element.

It is about slowing down after the hot and dynamic Sumer season and Fire energy. Allowing us time for quality retrospection with the background sounds of rain in the vibrant golden setting.


Metal Element represents a closure in a healthy way. Understanding where we have come to and what we really need for the future we are creating.


Emotions associated with Metal Element are grief and letting go. So, the Metal Element season becomes the opportunity for us to acknowledge and learn how to work with these emotional layers.


Grief is the Yin aspect of the Metal Element emotions, and associates with Lungs. By cleansing and strengthening the Lungs at this time we are helping dissolve any residual stagnant emotions around the Lungs, and the Heart chakra. This brings us the ability to fully breath, therefore oxygenating the blood and supporting the work of all other organs.    


Letting go is the Yang aspect of the Metal Element, related to the Large Intestine. It is about releasing anything that no longer serves our higher self. This could be any of our habits, or food, work we are doing, or people we are spending time with ... Meditation to the rain drops sounds may help us release all of the excess old energy into the rain flow and back to the Mother Earth where it will be dissolved.

Autumn season allows us to look back with wisdom and clarity, and clear out our physical and energy filed in preparation for the introspective season of Winter.


Being observant and paying attention to all these details can be helpful. 


We can also engage in certain practices that can guide us through the process, such as those originating from Yoga, QiGong and Eden Energy Medicine. 


Playing with the Autumn colours in cooking can also be great fun and is a simple way to connect to the nature’s vibe!

Yoga Jovanka Mirkovic

Scanning the last year’s experiences, and acknowledging all that we have experienced and learnt, helps us generate more compassion for ourselves, which is reflected on our perception of the world we leave in. Remembering that all the experiences are ours, and for a good reason.


So get ready to embrace another beautiful golden season, and enjoy cleansing the lungs by breathing in the Autumn winds and letting go of all the yellow leaves that need to go!




Prepared by Jovanka Mirkovic

Dipl. Ing., PhD Aerospace

EEM Certified Practitioner

Yoga Teacher Induction Training (BWY)

A little bit about Yin Season Elements:
Autumn Yoga Retreat UK



Winter is the season associated with the Water Element.

It is a time to slow down and surrender and to tune in to our body’s needs for stillness, silence, and rest. 


A time of connecting, of sitting around the fire with a mug of hot cocoa and good fiends. Of deep and meaningful conversations. Of good books, early nights and lazy mornings. It’s a time of peace and stillness, of rest and restoration. 


A time to conserve and gather our energies and our ideas and to reconnect with our inner being.


Water/Winter is full yin, the feminine, it is the energy of our Womb chakra, it is rebirth, the element of emotion and subconscious, of purification, intuition, mysteries of the self, compassion and family. It is the element that feeds our psychic ability.


Water/Winter is the time of the year when our inner depths and inner darkness is most accessible to us. It is the place where we are often afraid to journey. When we recognise and reconnect this darkness we release great potential for healing, renewal and growth!


Think of a seed buried deep under the earth. There appears to be no life but this seed has the potential to become a beautiful flower, or a magnificent tree. It is resting, growing, gathering energy ready to burst forth in Spring in all it’s glory!

The emotions associated with the water element are fear and courage. 


When our Water Element is in balance we are comfortable in our bodies and environment, we are wise, at ease, peaceful, gentle, loving, compassionate, caring and enthusiastic. We experience an innate joy of being which is not dependent on external factors. We are spontaneous and are able to flow with any situation, we also possess the courage, willpower and determination to see through any ideas and plans we may have.


When our water element is out of balance we can feel uncomfortable in our own skin, out of tune with ourselves, we lack wellbeing, we can become negative, suspicious, fearful. We can also lack willpower, courage and determination, and can feel ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’ and unable to move forward.


Water is our most primal energy, our original essence. It is the energy of our ancestors, of personal and collective unconscious. It is the essence of all possibilities and potential. It is the gathering of our energies, our courage and our determination, which allows us to for the full manifestation into Spring!

Yoga QiGong Debbie Caruso

We will be journeying deeper into the Water Element with some beautiful practices, deep meditations and breath-work, getting ready to embrace the most peaceful time of the year. Finding the silence and stillness which most of us so need in the hectic world we live in!




Prepared by Debbie Caruso

EEM Certified Practitioner

200 hour TTC, Satya Loka Yoga & Traditional Tantra

Instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain


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